What is CAP?

What is the Climate Ambassador programm (CAP) ?

All delegates who attended the Children’s Climate Change Forum 2009 became global climate ambassadors. The programme is designed to create a network of young climate activists that empowers and trains young people to engage their local communities in the climate debate.

 What is the role of the CAP?

The CAP board’s job is
. Unite all CAP members
. Stay in contact with UNICEF office
. Administrate the Climate Ambassador Programme.
. Keep the passionate about fighting climate change alive
. Reporting back the actions plans
. Ensuring good communication and a strong link between all climate ambassadors, particularly those with limited Internet access

What is The Role of the Climate Ambassador?

.Engage and inform their communities about climate change.
.Voice and represent the concerns of young people.
.Share ideas and inspire other young people via the Unite for Climate Website