An action plan is the design of a project that one is ready to embark upon :
.Assessing the needs
.Identifying the objectives and the goals
.Analysing ressources
.Creating a Timeline
.Performing the action , and not only saying it
.Keeping in touch with members of a community
.Evaluation and Reports of events
We make action plan so that we may achieve certains goals and to solve particulary problem that is disturbing environment and humanity

Below are a list of actions that CAP members are leading. Contact them to see what you can do to help out and spread the word or create your own project for combat climate change.
If you have an idea for an actions or you would like to join the board and work under Action plans please email

PHOTOsynthesis: US Climate Change Legislation, One Picture at a Time

The aim of this campaign is to use profile pictures and other photos to unite people around the world in encouraging the US to take strong action against climate change. For more information click here, and you can contact Becca Arbacher

Don't Bake the Planet

To raise awareness of Climate change: The purpose of this group is to help promote my campaign ' Don't Bake the Planet', encouraging people to run their own schemes in their local communities, or support existing ones. You can contact Cressie for more information.

Bangladeshi Youth working with Climate Change

Bangladeshi Youth working with climate change, contact Tariqul Islam Mumin for more information 


In January of 2010, Haiti was destroyed by a massive earthquake (the single biggest in hundreds of years). Haiti was already a poor country, but things are even worse now… Thanks to the efforts of the international community, Haiti will be rebuilt. We want it to be better than it was before, so that may never have to endure such destruction again. A green, sustainable Haiti has to be our next goal! It is an ambitious goal, and for sure not something anyone can achieve on their own. We want your ideas, comments and suggestions! Add your voice to ours! JOIN US!
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You can contact Sabrina Chaoui.