Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Kia Ora CAP Members,

Hope you are all well, happily and healthy and ready to rumble because the next few months are when CAP is going to take off!!!!

First off, big news from the CAP board team we, from July will be having monthly themes. Each theme will relate to combating or educating our family, friends and community about climate change. This month our theme is WATER!!! So come up will an action or a workshop you can lead in your community and don’t forget to email the CAP board with photos of the event!

As part of our monthly theme we are also going to have a monthly day of action, currently called G-Day, but we are seeking a new name so add your ideas here.

Our monthly Skype calls will be happening on July 3 and 4, see times below. We are investigating whether it will be possibly to use MSN to make the calls but for July we will use skype. You can download it here.

Saturday, 3 July 2010 at 12:00:00 Noon (New York time)
Saturday, 3 July 2010 at 08:00:00 AM (New Zealand time)
Saturday, 3 July 2010 at 08:00:00 PM (London time)

If you can make it to one of these call please add me on skype (travis.b.mills) and be online five minutes before the time of the call. Each call will be a hour long.

We are creating a list of the board members (links) and who they represent; this will be on the facebook page within the hour.

We care about what you have to say so we will be starting a number of discussions on our facebook group. I have just started one about our buddy delegations. Do you like them, would you prefer we change to a new system? If so what? Share it here.


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