The Board

CAP programme is to be overseen by a board of 12 youth. Their mission statement would be as follows:
The Links were selected at the Children's Climate Change Forum 2009 to act as the co-ordinators of the Climate Ambassador Programme, and have the following roles:
Communication with UNICEF Headquarters

Reporting back on Action plans

Ensuring a strong communication framework for all the ambassadors, especially those with
difficult online access.

Whos, Who?

Katie Haywood from United Kingdom

The Communicator is the Link between UNICEF and the board.


Sabrina Chaoui  from Canada

The job of bottom liner is to keep everyone on schedule and to sort out conflicting issues.



Travis Mills from New Zealand
Coralie Norris from Haiti

Communications design and organize
 the Link's Newsletter and blog. The News Letter
is emailed and posted out on the first of each month.
This group also deals with Media interest.                                                                                                

Action Planers                 
Beatrice Yeung  from Hong Kong

Action Planers, plan actions that all CAP members can take part in. They also provide help, advice and resources to members who are planning local actions.


Vanessa Njovu  from Zambia
This team works on Advocacy designs advocacy programs that the CAP members can promote .

Ndeye Diagne  from Senegal
Lucia T H  Tran  from Slovakia
Alejandra Lopez from Bolivia 



The research team provides news and information on what’s happening in the ever-changing world of climate change. They work with closely with all groups.